About me

I come from a family  background of Railways and Coal mining going back several generations, so not unsurprisingly I joined British Rail as a Technician Apprentice.

During my rail career I was fortunate enough to travel alot in the UK and whilst my primary interest was rail I always paid attention to the local industrial archeology even if I didn't photograph it.

Much later I found myself more enthralled by the history and remains of Britains old mines especially so given the wonderful memories of childhood holidays in Cornwall. So about 1996 I set out in ernest to record as many mining sites (and associated industrial sites like ironworks) in the UK as I could ..... and a wonderful project it's been so far... long may it continue.


I currently work in international railways buying and selling rolling stock and spare parts.... to mining companies quite often.... yes life can be good.


This site is dedicated to my two children and my long suffering wife who have all supported my interests ... bless em!





Hi my name is Ian (aka ICLOK on the web), I have always had an interest in all things Mining, Industrial and Railways and was taking railway photos by age 10 and soon doing underground exploring in my teens in the Peak District.