The engine house near Hope at SK 163826 marks the site of this lead mine. During sinking thru shale to reach the limestone, the shaft hit toadstone and the results of the vein were very low. Pindale Sough was driven to the shaft and subsequently the engine pumped below the level of the sough. The sough expanded further SW following the scrins but we don't know ultimately how far it extended as no records exist. It is known by 1800 that the mine had reached a valuable section of vein and it is notable that it was out producing its local rival Odin Mine in terms of Output. This wasn't to last and by 1802 production was falling off. The engine house was restored by the PDMHS and Blue Circle is a fine example of small scale mining in Derbyshire. This lovely engine house is part of the Pindale Farm Outdoor Centre and can be rented for holidays.