The Basset Mines consists of a number of mines around Carnkie village originally started for copper in the late 18th/early 19th Century. The main ones being South Wheal Frances, West Wheal Basset , North Wheal Basset (Wheal Basset from 1878). By 1896 these mines merged as 'Basset Mines Limited' and continued in operation until 1919 when closed due to rising pumping costs and the falling price of tin. There are substantial remains to be found as follows: West Wheal Basset - SW689402 inc Stamps Engine house, Vanner House and Buddle/treatment house & chimney stacks. North Wheal Basset (Wheal Basset) - SW690401 Lyles 80" Pumping Engine House plus Whim House, Wheal Basset - SW690398 Stamps inc Twin bob Engine House, dressing floors, chimney stacks, South Wheal Frances - SW680395 to SW676395 Engine houses, boiler houses, Compressor House etc around Marriotts (impressive) and Pascoes shafts. West Basset - SW682397 Bob wall of Thomas's Engine House.