These substantially complete ruins (one heapstead dating to 1836)  can be found at NGR ST682771 and comprise of 2 heapsteads (one of which is quite superb) with side accessway tunnel, horizontal engine house and a beam pumping engine house as well as a pit yard area. The Kingswood coalfield is quite forgotten yet there are many things to see if you know where to look. The colliery was a reworking of an earlier venture thought to be worked out, but the mine was re-opened in the 1850's and sunk deeper incorporating most of the features we see today. The pumping engine was of Cornish design with a 60inch cylinder x 8ft stroke. Water was always a problem and in 1836 the then owners (The East Bristol Colliery Co) decided to abandon the workings. There are few substantially complete Victorian era pit heads left in the UK making this a rare find.








Brandybottom colliery