This mine was opened 1865/66 by W.S. Cartwright to work the Maesmawr seam, but was forced to close down in 1893 due to water problems. It re-opened again in 1894 finally closing in 1903.

All that remains at the mine is the large three storey engine house built for an inverted engine that was fitted in the two upstairs floors. The engine worked a cranked beam on the lower floor which in turn operated the pumps via flat rods. One set of flat rods went from the crank to a counter balance The rods passed thru apertures, one rod to the pumps in the drift and the other to a counter balance balance. The engine house is fenced off but can still be readily photographed especially in winter. It is located at Bedwas on the edge of a housing estate at NGR  ST162893.








Bryngwyn Colliery - engine house