Ding Dong is the amalgamation in the 19th Century of 16 old mine setts of which Ding Dong was  centrally located. The mine was mainly active from 1814. The most visible remains are the Greenburrow 40” Engine House which dominates the skyline on the moors to the North of Penzance. The mine closed in 1877, but an attempt to restart was made which in turn failed in 1880. There were further attempts made at re-working the mine in 1912 & 1928 but these too failed. The place has a strange atmosphere that is hard to explain but visited on a windswept winters day it can be an eerie desolate place, especially at dusk. Along the lane East from Greenburrow Shaft  to Tredinnick are the Whim Engine House, below that the remains of the Count House and another small engine house on Tredinnick Shaft (thought to be one of the oldest in Cornwall).  Please take care exploring here as the area has many hidden and unstable areas of ground including open shafts. The Greenburrow Shaft remains are located at SW436344, the other remains are around SW437347.