Very little exists of what was once Cornwalls greatest mine. What is left is scattered over a fair size area approx half a mile NE of Camborne. At SW661404 can be found the New East shaft Engine House with attached Chimney and Boiler House (this wound from New East and pumped via a back bob). At SW652397 is the 65 inch Pumping Engine House of the Stray Park Section of the mine. Nearby is Harriets Shaft 65 inch Pumping Engine House. Overlooking the area up on Carn Entral at SW661400 is the Engine House that contained the traversing winding engine that wound from the 3,000ft deep perpendicular Williams Shaft. There are other remains such as the compressor house and also the bases of some other engine houses.  The mine operated from  1799 to 1920 and produced around 350,000Tons of Copper and 80,000 Tons of Tin.