In my opinion the Newcomen type engine at Elsecar (NGR SK 386999) has to be one of the greatest relics of Britains mining past. Newcomen is now widely considered as the father of the industrial revolution for his development of the atmospheric steam engine. Whilst this engine is a later version it is the only engine of its type in its original engine house. The engine was built in 1795 (although the date stone says 1787 on the engine house) for the Earl Fitzwilliam's Elsecar New Colliery. The cylinder and many other parts came from the Thorncliffe Iron Works, the original wooden beam was replaced by a cast iron one in 1836. It worked at 6 to 8 strokes a minute and was in continuous use until 1923 but kept in standby condition until an accident damaged the engine in 1953. The boiler was removed for restoration some time ago. It is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and is only open occasionally to the public. This engine is a must see as is the engine house itself.