This site was worked for copper and tin (and later Wolfram) from 1822 to 1908. The workings occupy the slope down to the river known as Clitters Wood. On the road to Middle Dimson at NGR SX4217 can be found 3 engine houses (pump, whim/crusher & crusher) just off the road. The shaft has been grilled and can be safely inspected. Below here are dumps and tailings which lead down to the site of the 1900's mill whose shattered terraces and remains can be found around NGR 421723 along with some traces of the mines 2 inclines. A fourth engine house exists lower down right by the river and was a of a rotatative pumping type. Interestingly it is built over a waterwheel pit. The mines adit from which flows ocherous water can be found going into the hill a short distance behind the engine house. This is an occupying and interesting site best seen in winter, a word of warning though, the lower mill site is in dense, steep and uneven woodland & can be hazardous underfoot.