These mines operated from 1822-1892 producing many thousands of tons of Copper, Lead, Silver, Mispickel and Arsenic. There are 2 sites near Kelly Bray, Holmbush at SX355715 and the less productive East Holmbush in the valley below to the East. Holmbush has 3 very nicely conserved engine houses which stand on the edge of Holmbush Plantation. Much of the tip remains above the road and the engine houses here are in a line East to West starting with the Pumping Engine House on Hitchen’s shaft, immediately West of that the water wheel powered Crusher House and West of that the Whim Engine House, all can be accessed safely and form an interesting group. The water supply to the Crusher water wheel was probably that raised by the nearby pumping engine.  

The East Holmbush Mine retains its Whim Engine House (known as Lower Whim) which is still roofed but almost totally overgrown, this wound from Wall’s shaft some distance away.