Living in the Ripley Area I have often thought of telling the story of local mining. Thanks to the research and writings of Bob Bradley from his work ‘The pits of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire’, Bob has provided the backbone of the following text. In full credit to Bob it is now possible to do this in a level of detail I previously thought not possible. I first discused trying to put something together for the Ripley area some 5 years ago not long after meeting him and he immediately offered to help.

I have added to the text with my own photographs and knowledge to that provided by Bob to make the text as informative as possible, I will ultimately include a section on the local early tramways and industrial lines that served the collieries, and also the current Colliery based industrial Archaeology to be seen.

This will be very much a work in progress.


When I say Mining Around The Ripley Area this will be primarily centred on the Ripley - Heanor - Ilkeston area within an approximate geographical boundary formed by Erewash Derwent and Amber Valleys. Where relevent there will be data included that does not strictly fall within this boundary.

As per Bob's original design, the story will be told in a chronological order.

DSCF5650 Bob

Bob Bradley without whom these pages would not have been possible. I first met Bob whilst researching the Ripley Heanor area on a visit to the Coal Authority records office at Mansfield. During conversation with Bob it became obvious I had met a great researcher and somebody able to join the dots in terms of my local mining history. Bob was subsequently able to help me not only with much of this text, but many maps and as a guide where and how to find the information I needed.

Bob had a fabulous career in the Coal industry rising from apprentice at Teversal in 1953 to Senior Surveyor for Nottinghamshire from 1986 to 1990. He remains a great source of advise and knowledge.