Kilton Mine was started in 1870 by Kilton Ironstone Co and operated variously by Walker Maynard & Co in the early 20th Century but finally by Dorman Long & Co from 1916 – 1963. There were 2 shafts of 694 feet. Production initially started in 1874.  It took 3 years to sink the mine due to water problems. Steam was replaced as the power source for winding in 1916 the rest of the mine having been electrified in 1913. In the 1930s a modern concrete design winding engine house was built with steel headgear coming in 1937. Underground haulage by horses was replaced by locomotives in 1951. The mine closed in 1963 and whilst most of the buildings were destroyed, the large concrete winding engine house survived and is a fine example of modern concrete engine house construction. Sadly it is now starting to deteriorate and is should be regarded as very much at risk. The mines dark tip is now I believe listed as it is the only one of its kind and stands out as a pointed monument to the Ironstone mines in the area. Also on site are the loco shed with rails, a shaft top, and the mine substation. There is a powder magazine but this was inaccessible at the time of my visit. The site is at NZ694169.