This mine was part of a sett that included Grit Mine and can be found approx 1 mile west of Shelve village at NGR SO327993. It was leased by Messrs Lewis & Phillips in 1825. When miners discovered several veins on the property it was worked via Ladywell Pit. In 1862 the lease was taken over by John Taylor & Co in 1862 who split the sett and concentrated on the Ladywell Mine. However the landlords did not allow this so Taylor gave up the lease in 1865. Eventually 1871 Ladywell was acquired by the Ladywell Mining Company. The mine operated from 1825 - 1900. The engine house here dates to the 1870s and was thought to contain a rotary beam engine of about 22" cylinder size with a flywheel enabling its use for pumping and winding on the 32 fathom deep shaft.




Ladywell lead mine - engine house