Lathkill Dale was primarily worked for Lead by the Mandale Mine and the London Lead Company’s Lathkill Mine (later taken over by the Lathkill Dale Mining Compay). Mining has been carried out here for centuries and there are a number of smaller workings but the main remains date from the previously mentioned major workings. The workings here were dogged by water problems. Mandale mine closed in 1851 but left us with the remains of a Cornish Engine House, a Sough Tail and also an Aqueduct, Leat & Waterwheel pumping system. They can be found at NGR SK197661. Of the Lathkill Mine which closed in 1842, the best remains are centred round James Bateman’s House (mine agent 1836-1842) under which there is a shaft which is flood lit and accessible to the general public at SK194698, the Bateman’s site was home to an unusual water turbine pumping engine to pump the mine. The whole valley exudes the atmosphere of mining past and coupled to the scenery makes this an interesting and enjoyable afternoons walk.  








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