Llay Hall Colliery was opened in 1877 by the Llay Hall Coal, Iron and Fireclay Company. At its peak in the 1930s it employed 460 men. Almost immediately after the mine was nationalised in January 1947 it closed as a result of a serious underground explosion badly burned 5 men reminiscent of an explosion killing 2 men and 10 horses in 1881. This is an interesting survivor having managed to retain a significant number of its buildings including a  winding and fan house, workshops, chimney and later washery building as well as other ancillary buildings, such as a weighbridge house. The mine can be found at NGR SJ314552 and is now in use as a private industrial estate. That said we were made very welcome once they knew we were enthusiasts, if you decide to visit please get permission as you go. The small winding house is extremely nice and in use by a great pair of guys hand building furniture who were only to happy to show me inside... thanks!




LLay hall colliery - PIT COMPLEX