Sinking started here in 1880 and the Ironstone was entered in 1881. It was worked by Pillar and Bord methods and extensively tried different types of drilling technology. The mine had two shafts 564 feet deep and the Ironstone worked was 8’ 6” thick. The mine was quite well equipped for its time using compressed air and electric drills post 1945 & Mechanical loaders and Eimco rock shovels post 1947. Underground haulage was by continuous rope with tubs being directed to the rope via gravity inclines. The mine used horses  but just prior to closure in 1954 Ruston Hornsby underground locos were in use. The mine was operated from 1881 – 1923 by the bell Brothers and then Dorman Long and Co until closure. The site was demolished in 1967 but fortunately the base of most of the main equipment remains giving us the layout of the mine. The site is at NZ686187.