The origins of this mine lie back in the early 18th century with the first recorded working on the vein giving the mine its name in 1718, It closed in1931 only to reopen in the 1950's, but it was then closed due to high operating costs and low lead prices. Some 7 companies have operated the mine. There were some re-processing operations in the 1960’s, 105,000 tonnes of lead was smelted from the New Glencrieff vein by the time of final closure. The mine is situated at Wanlockhead within site of both the Straitsteps and Bay Mine sites, both of which should be visited. The site is dominated by the vast spoil heap of the mine and remains of concrete building which litter the hill side. Caution is needed when walking the site as there are many drops and uneven surface. There are some interesting conserved buildings associated with the mine in the bottom of the valley by the road including a small smelter and crusher. Mine at NGR NS865133.