Sunk in 1893 by the Draycott Colliery Co, the colliery was originally known as the Klondyke. The mine was sold in December 1906 to the Bassano Brothers Ltd who formed New Haden Collieries Ltd in 1910. Work to remodel the colliery commenced in January 1927 and included new steel headgear and a winding engine by Markham of Chesterfield installed. The colliery was plagued by water problems and after attempts to work the Four Feet coal in 1942 led to an greatly increased inflow the mine was abandoned in June 1943. The Markham winder was dismantled and sold for use at a colliery in Hollinwood, Oldham.

Thankfully the site has survived more or less in tact in regards to the surface buildings leaving a fabulous range of winding houses, workshops, concrete slime plant etc.


The site is located at  SJ993422 and is on Private property, please ask for access, I had no problems and in fact was given a lot of assistance by the various tennants.