This 18th Century Salt Pan and Colliery complex lies on what was an Island off the coast near Culross at NT006852. It had three pits, George, Lady Anne and Eye Pits.  Eye Pit was 52 feet deep, Lady Anne Pit 75 feet and George Pit 276 feet. The pits were sunk in the latter part of the 18th century but closed in 1811 after a fire damp explosion resulting in a loss of life in George pit but also in flooding of the mine as a result. The salt pans were recorded as operational in 1814 producing 130 bushels of salt fortnightl, but this was not to last given the expense of bringing in coal and with the repeal of Salt Duties in 1823 the works at Preston Island closed for good. There are substantial remains of a pumping engine house, barracks and saltpans, a good walk but worth the effort.









PRESTON ISLAND - George, lady anne & EYE PIts