This former colliery  can be found just off the A689 in East Cumbria at NGR NY617598. The site is particularly interesting as it consists of 4 former engine houses. The site is on private land but I simply knocked and was given access. There is a walled shaft (filled) with large winding engine house (now a bungalow), above the shaft is a former haulage engine house again now a bungalow.  Adjacent to the walled shaft is what is believed to be Britains only surviving Bull type engine house (Bull engines had the engine cylinder directly over the shaft with no beam, hence the shaft is inside the engine house) which makes this site somewhat unique and worthy of a visit. Next to this is a long single storey building which i am told was a power/compressor house. The colliery opened in 1893 and closed in 1908, it was sunk for household coal and reached a depth of approx 250 feet via its 4 shafts. A roadside memorial nearby remembers those that died at the colliery in an accident in 1908.