The mine was originally started by a Captain John Scott during the 1770's but the mine had to be abandoned due to being inundated by water. After a number of years the mine was re-equiped with a Cornish beam pumping engine and successfully restarted. During the sinking of the mine evidence exists suggesting a locomotive type steam engine design by George Stephenson adapted for use as a pumping engine. This was replaced by a steam-winding engine also thought to be a design by Stephenson. In 1818 John Scott sold the colliery to his friend Charles Henry Smith, who commenced coal production in 1819. It is believed that Robert Mills introduced the Davey lamp here in 1827, the first application of the lamp in South Wales. After a relatively short life the mine closed in 1840.

This fine engine house is at Birch Grove, near Swansea and can be found at NGR SS697983.