The site of Scremerston Colliery is located at NGR  NU004497 at Scremerston near Berwick. The mine consisted of two pits these being Jack Tar and engine pits. The mine appears to have been sunk in the early 19th century and was in continuous production mining household coal and some times clay up to 1944. The main seam worked was the Cooper Eye.

Post closure it appears that the Pumping Engine House and Winding Engine house were retained for further use as farm buildings. Both survive today and the pumping engine house is highly notable as it appears to have a water tank for a roof and a dedication plaque built into one wall. The winding engine house is at 90 degrees to the pumping engine house and appears to have been of the beam type. Sadly the roof of the winder has fallen in. Nevertheless these two engine houses are great survivors and well worth a call being just off the A1.