The Ironstone Mining Industry is very much forgotten in many quarters considering that next to coal it was the UK's biggest extractive industry. In Cleveland this industry was an everyday part of the landscape yet very little remains overall to remind us that it even existed. Of the the remaining Cleveland sites Skelton Park is the most complete and has left us stunning remains on site consisting of Engine Houses for both winding and pumping, workshops, power house, Schiele Fan house, substation and much more. Sadly until recently many buildings had complete roofs but time is rapidly taking its toll. The mine operated from 1872-1938 under vtwo owners. It had 2 shafts both reaching 385 feet depth. Two seam of Ironstone were worked these being the Main and Two Foot Seams. The mine was electrified in 1910 and many modern features introduced. This is a great site and deserves preservation and is certainly worth a visit. Hence I have included more images for this site than normal as it warrants it. The site is at NGR NZ644180.



Skelton park ironstone mine - surface Complex