Both were sunk by the well known Clark family of Noblethorpe Hall (still exists), The families coal mining interests were created by Robert Couldwell Clarke who died at the age of 46, in 1843. The family businesses were then run by Sarah Ann (his widow) and her brother, James Farrer. Old Sovereign Colliery at NGR SE307039 is recorded as being sunk at Dodworth Moor End in 1855, shortly before she handed the control of business affairs to her son, Robert Couldwell Clarke jnr. He appears to have taken little interest leaving business matters to James who was probably responsible for sinking New Sovereign Colliery at NGR SE311042 (aka “Clarkes New Winning”) in between 1861 and 1866. The family interests were later managed by G.H.Teasdale. The Clarkes’ coal interests petered out by the 1920s and little is known of the later history of the two collieries other than New Sovereign became an NCB as pumping pit. Substantial remains can be found on both sides of Dove Valley trail consisting of a superb stone heapstead, drift, fan drift and engine house bases. Well worth a visit, very atmospheric!!!.