This mine at Wanlockhead can be found at NGR NS871129 and was opened in 1675. Drainage was by sough type levels but at greater depth more powerful pumps were required.

Hand rag-pumps were employed at the Mine between 1675 and 1684, but in 1710 two waterwheel pumping engines ('bab-gins') were in use. Even as late as 1816 water was being raised by hand pumps on the nearby Lochnell mine. Beam Engines and waterbucket pumps were introduced in Wanlockhead in 1745 and the now famous Wanlockhead Beam Engine is the sole survivor of this technology which dates back to 1745 in some areas.

The Water powered Beam Engine here was built, it is believed, in the mid 19th century and is the only remaining example of its kind in the UK and is situated on Waygate Shaft. These types of engines were known as ‘Bobbin Johns’. The site can be visited today and is an absolute must see purely for the engine if nothing else, but there is much more to see here at Wanlockhead including the local mining museum and a valley is scattered with relics of the mining era particularly at Bay Mine and New Glencrieff mine.