This well preserved set of colliery buildings at Langley, includes a beam pumping engine house, boiler house and furnace. Evidence of earlier workings of the colliery can be found to the East as filled in depressions of former bell pits. Stublick was a small colliery mostly supplying coal to the nearby Langley Smelt Mill. Coal has been worked in the area since around 1700. Deeper mining resulted in the driving of a drainage level which provided water for the smelt mill reservoir (Nilstone Rigg). Even deeper working subsequently resulted in the installation of a beam pumping engine circa 1838 The mine eventually closed in 1926. This group of buildings stand high on the moors at

NGR NY832603 and are well worth a visit being the sole large scale remains of coal mining in the area and one of the finest groups in the North East, not to be missed.






STublick Colliery - ENgine house & Buildings