Overlooking Prestatyn at NGR SJ057804 stands what I believe to be the finest 100" beam pumping engine house in the UK given it still retains its original roof, much of its original timberwork,  finials and shaft collar. It was erected on Clive's Shaft  in 1860 to house the engine built by Haigh Foundry in 1862. The mines greatest output was during the 18th & 19th centuries. Closure came in 1883 and was mainly bought about by the excessive coal costs for the 15 engines in use on the mine.  Clive's engine was sold to a colliery at Wrexham for just a £1000 after a mere 19 years of use. The engine house stand on private land but can be photographed from the adjacent road and carpark.



Talargoch lead mine - 100" Engine house