Three main mines form the Grit Sett of Lead Mines, these are Old Grit, White Grit and East Grit - all three have engine house remains. Mining in the Grit area is thought to date to Roman times by open working the outcrops of the galena veins. In the 19th century mining concentrated where several veins intersected, shafts were sunk several hundred feet deep to reach them.

Old Grit has some very dilapedated remains of an engine house of 1783 that contained a 30-inch  Boulton & Watt beam pumping engine which pumped to 60m in depth.

East Grit engine house is just to the south of Old Grit, The engine here pumped from a shaft sunk to Engine vein. It was built in the 1860s probably by John Taylor, it also worked a winding drum and ore crushing plant. It is mostly intact and was thought to have contained a 40" cylinder engine.

White Grit beam engine house was built to pump several shafts on to veins via flat-rods. This engine house is the most complete of the three Grit engine houses with part of the bob platform  surviving.

Located near Black Marsh the NGRs as follows - Old Grit SO 3272 9824, White Grit SO 3195 9797, East Grit SO 3272 9803