The mines were started in 1895 as quarries by Holwell Iron Co Ltd, becoming Stanton Ironworks Co Ltd from Jan 1918. Finally Stewarts and Lloyds Minerals from ist Jan 1950. The Stanton Co became aware of vast Ironstone reserves below the local Limestone at Sth Witham. In 1944 an adit was driven from the limestone quarry at 1 in 25 decline. After reasonable success the new owner Stewarts and Lloyds looked to develop the deposits fully and a new large adit was driven in 1957. The mine was at its peak in 1962, producing 390,000 tons per annum. However the mine hit geological and water problems resulting in closure in June 1964. The large adit being bricked up in 1966, still remains at SK915192 as does the engine shed in the nearby industrial yard.